10 Airbnb House Rules Every Listing Should Have

Are you planning to list a unit on Airbnb? The first thing which you need to think about is the rules. Our Airbnb house rules, when appropriately enforced, will help you maintain your property.

In the absence of rules, it is easy to lose control over your unit. It can exponentially increase maintenance costs and also lead to extensive wear and tear.

The mayhem which the absence of rules can cause is immense. It can lead to complaints from neighbors as well. So, the best way to go about it is to have a proper framework of rules suitable for guests, neighbors, and you as a host.

The question which might be plaguing you now is how to decide those rules?

We will help you out with the same today. We will share with you 10 Airbnb house rules and the justification of each.

1. No Parties:

As a new Airbnb host, you might ask who books a unit for hosting a party?

Well, unfortunately, a lot of people think it is the best and most affordable venue. We are not against the guests enjoying your place. You can add some board games and other entertainment options in your unit. The reason why you should not allow parties is because things can quickly get out of hand.

With drinks flowing in the party ambiance in full swing, no one can guarantee the safety of your property. It will spin the maintenance costs out of control. That is why; this aim is not to control your guests but rather to protect your property.

2. Only Registered Guests Are Allowed:

Are you infringing on personal privacy by setting this rule?

The answer is no. As long as the guests can register all the occupants, they can bring anyone along. However, if you do not set this rule, the downsides are plenty like:

The number of occupants being much higher than the capacity of the unit with guests bringing strangers into your unit. This causes more wear and tear plus more standard supplies being used. So, to avoid such situations, it is advisable to only allow registered guests in your Airbnb unit.

3. No Smoking:

Irrespective of whether you’re a smoker or not, you must always set this rule. We do not have anything against smokers. However, you cannot be sure that everyone will put the butts of the cigarette in the trash can and not leave them lying around. Moreover, any ash on the bedsheets or the linen can spoil them.

With the turnaround time of Airbnb units becoming stricter, you cannot afford a cigarette mark or cigarette butts lying around your property. It will undoubtedly lead to negative reviews. Not to speak of the notoriously difficult to remove cigarette odor. Smoking can hamper the turnaround process and deteriorate the ambiance, which might get you negative reviews. You can avoid this problem if you put a no-smoking rule in your listing.

4. No Pets:

Do you have pets? If yes, you might be upset at this rule. However, it is the need of the hour. The cons of allowing pets in your Airbnb unit are plenty like:

  • Guests that are prone to allergies will avoid booking your place.
  • Not all pet owners might prohibit their pets from damaging your property.
  • Many pets are prone to chewing. It can increase the wear and tear of your property.
  • The sound of pets can disturb the neighbors who can result in a lot of complaints.

Trust us, this rule will avoid plenty of headaches in the future and help you manage your unit. That is why; this rule is in our Airbnb house rules rather than a personal preference.

5. No Exception To Check-In and Check-Out Times Unless Discussed With The Host In Advance:

Many guests, unfortunately, think of Airbnb rentals as a lenient hotel. They will often take it for granted that they can check in early and check out late. However, if you have excellent reviews, you’re likely to have back-to-back bookings. In such a case, even if you want to, you cannot allow early check-ins or late checkouts.

While hosts often refer to adjusting for their guests, they rarely mean with check-in/out times. The only exception is if the guests communicate in advance. That is why this rule is a must.

Pro tip:

This rule should also mention the number of advanced days, before which the guests have to convey their request.

6. The Fee For The Lost Key Will Be $xx:

You might have come across this rule in other units if you have stayed in one. From the guest point of view, this is more of a moneymaker. The truth is, it is to dissuade guests from losing their key.

A lost key can pose a lot of problems for the hosts. These including having to replace the key quickly, spending on the key replacement, getting a reliable locksmith, or having to delay the check-in of the next guest.

More than a moneymaker, this Airbnb house rule is to ensure that guests can take care of the keys. We leave the fine up to you. However, it should be high enough to dissuade the guests from taking the keys for granted.

7. No Shoes Inside The Home Please:

You might think that isn’t this rule more of a social norm?

You might be wrong. When you’re thinking so, you are assuming that you will only get domestic guests. However, that is not always the case. In many countries, it is a standard practice to wear shoes inside as well. If you get guests who do not have this social norm to leave the shoes outside, they will do the same in your property.

It can increase the turnaround time significantly as your property will require thorough cleaning. Furthermore, some stains might not go at all. In the case, the maintenance cost over the years will increase exponentially. It is much simpler and cheaper to add this rule to your listing. Even go one step further and write a note at the front door and mention it in your Airbnb house rules.

8. Damages Exceeding The Deposit Amount Will Be Billed To The Guest And Reported To Airbnb:

Ahhaaa! We touched a raw nerve here. Every host fears this situation. What if the damage costs are more than the deposit?

How can you recover the same from the guests then?

To cover such a situation, you should add this rule to your listing. We understand that right now you might be asking the question, can you recover the excess amount in such a case?

In some cases, you can, but in most cases, you can’t. Why then have this rule in the list?

The logic behind this rule is pretty simple. It will dissuade guests from damaging your property. When they know that they might have to pay up beyond the deposit, they will be extra careful. It is more like insurance rather than a threat.

9. Guests Should Dispose Of The Garbage In The Trash Can:

Almost 80% of the guests will strive to maintain proper hygienic conditions in your unit. However, the same is not valid for the other 20%. The 20% constitutes of those guests who think that the Airbnb units are their playground. By adding details on where to throw out the garbage you can almost fully eliminate those rude guests.

10. Do Not Use The Premises For Any illegal Activity:

Isn’t it obvious, you might ask? Well, what might be usual to you and me might not be so legally. In this era where individuals are sue-happy, it is a good idea to cover all bases. Instead of just assuming that your unit will not be used for any illegal activity, you must add this rule to your local book. It will help you reduce your liability in case things take a turn for the worst.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of these rules is to help you have relaxed experiences as hosts. They are necessary to ensure that you do not face any untoward situation concerning your guests.

If you were earlier wondering what Airbnb house rules you should have for your unit? Now you have the answer. These are the 10 essential rules which will help you draft your Airbnb listing and hit the ground running.

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